Marcos Melchor

  • Position: Keeper                                      - Barcelona supporter
  • Favorite Superhero: Iron Man                       - Favorite Color: Green
  • I will never be seen without: A watch                 - Favorite Food: Pambazos (Mexican dish)
  • Favorite Movies: Waist Deep                                 - Website I visit most:                       

Keaton Critchlow

  • Position: Center Back                                   - Liverpool supporter
  • Favorite videogame: NBA Street V2                   - Favorite Players: Zizou, Greg Timmer, Klose              
  • Hobby: Skateboarding                                            - Favorite Music: Deep House
  • I will never be seen without: My backpack                   - Favorite Color: Purple             

Mark Osborne

  • Position: Keeper                                          - Bayern Munich and Germany supporter
  • Born in Groß-Gerau, Germany                          - Favorite Players: Kahn, Neuer, Rimando, Klose
  • Married with 4 children.                                            - Favorite Food: Thai and Mongolian Barbecue
  • Favorite movies: Silence of the Lambs and Shawshank Redemption

Shaun kirkham 

  • Born in Denver, Colorado.                                    - Favorite Musician: Sting.
  • Married with 4 children.                                              - Favorite food: Indian food & Seafood.            
  • Manchester United & Newcastle United supporter
  • Position: Left & Right Wing

Brittney Crump

  • Position: Outside Mid/Back                    - RSL Women, USWNT, Olympia F.C. supporter
  • Favorite Food: Cafe Rio and Chipotle         - Favorite Player: Ali Krieger
  • Favorite Candy: Reese's PBC                         - Hobbies: Soccer, lifting, and hiking
  • I will never be seen without: Lipstick                    - Website I visit most:                                          

William Murri

  • Position: Holding Mid                             - Barcelona and Chelsea fanatic
  • Born at a young age                                            - Favorite Player: Messi 
  • Elementary playground All-Star                                - Favorite Saying: I win
  • Recommended by 5 out of 4 people who recommend things    - Devout Meatitarian

whitney shuman

  • Position: Midfielder                                        - RSL, Barcelona, USWNT supporter
  • Favorite food: My Dad's Burgers                           - Favorite Superhero: Batman                   
  • Favorite Movie: Adventures in Babysitting                       - Favorite Music: Alternative
  • Favorite Players: Jordan Allen, James Rodriguez, Alex Morgan     - Favorite Color: Blue                                                         

Bryan Brambila

  • Position: Defender                                   - Chivas and AC Milan supporter
  • Favorite Movie: The Grinch, Step Up              - Favorite Players: Ronaldinho, Chicharito, Puyol 
  • Favorite Color: Light Gray                                      - Favorite Superheroes: Batman, Spiderman
  • Hobbies: Soccer, biking, swimming, fishing                  - Favorite Era: Paleozoic                                                    

Ashlee Burge

  • Position: Defender                                                   - RSL and USWNT supporter
  • Website you visit the most: Google                                - Favorite Player: Jamison Olave
  • Cool Fact: I play on women's Bball team @ Dixie               - Favorite Fabric: Burlap
  • Favorite movies: 7 Pounds and American Sniper                       - Favorite Color: Blue

daniel ramirez

  • Position: Benchwarmer                                               - Real Madrid supporter
  • Bahrain Native                                                             - Favorite Superhero: Ronaldo
  • Favorite movie: Cinderella                                           - Favorite Musician: Enya
  • Favorite Video Game: Princess Tomato in the           -Criminal Justice Major, Westminster College

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Tristan Cowles

  • Position: Mid/Right bench, waterboy               - 2013 IWCC/Underachieving 2014 IWCC supporter                   
  • Favorite Color: Red                                                    - Favorite Players: Keaton Critchlow, Messi                            
  • Favorite Superheroes: Keaton Critchlow, Superman       - I will never be seen without: Clothes
  • Cool Fact: I work at Team Gear                                                 - Favorite Food: IWCC Caf                             
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